Everyone wants to be a lesbian

15 06 2011

So what’s going on with all these men pretending to be lesbians online? Like we don’t have enough trials of our own to be going on with, now we have to spend time trying to figure out if that increasingly interesting online chat is being conducted by some hairy fat man in a vest with a good line in conversation and nothing better to do with his time.

Like we’re not all paranoid and defended enough as it is. It’s enough to make one want to give up on the internet altogether, I tell you. After all, there are loads of us, who like many in the mainstream world of online chat, have much deeper and more intimate relationships with our online lovers than any we do in ‘real’ life. It’s one of the few spaces we can feel alone, intimate and unobserved, especially if you’re queer and live in this particularly bigoted region of the world.

So what the fuck? Last week we followed with increasing interest, the story of a blog that we carry on our links which seemed to reflect many of our own anxieties and fears – the story of a young, lesbian activist being threatened and finally kidnapped in Syria. The discovery that the blog was written by a ‘middle-aged, married American man’ aroused varying emotions across the homosexual world, ranging from outraged fury and paranoia, to amusement.

Later the same week, Paula Brooks, executive editor of the US-based lesbian and gay news site LezGetReal, was exposed as being a fake identity created by Bill Graber, who now says he is a 58-year-old from Dayton, Ohio.


So who else is out there, (presumably) hiding from his wife, scratching his balls and busily typing away?

And why? What is it about our poor persecuted demographic that makes men want to BE us? We already know that most straight men’s top fantasy is to watch and/or participate in a lesbian encounter and we find that creepy and humiliating enough. And while we’re all for freedom of speech and would be the first to support great fiction writing, this weird and deliberate deceit of gullible women (never mind the general public and the damage done to the queer cause everywhere), ends up being just another sample of male arrogance and entitlement .



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17 06 2011

I must confess that men blogging as lesbians doesn’t really bug me as much as it seems to upset most people.
It is acceptable to write under other personas, in the cyberworld especially. And the idea that you can gain insight into a particular kind of life only by living it (also called the ‘authenticity of experience’ concept) has been debunked a long time ago. So for example, you don’t have to live through war to write convincingly about it and you don’t have to be a woman to write convincingly about what being a woman is like. The best examples in the recent past have been these male ‘lesbian’ bloggers because they were convincing enough to have a large and sympathetic following (hence the dismay later on!)

So this is my question to everyone – if ‘Amina’ hadn’t pretended to be kidnapped (resulting in a search risking others’ safety) and if he hadn’t conducted a con love affair with someone, would it still be a problem that he blogged as a lesbian?

11 10 2011

God as if the world was not already over flowing with weirdoz, now we have to real with weirdo’s that give US a bad name. Hmpf…. :/

11 10 2011

Real – deal (android typos r so pissing me off right now!)

29 10 2016

Ha ha in that aspect ,gays like us are lucky.It is fortunate that straight women do not behave the way the straight men behave.
As you said it is straight man’s fantasy.The so called main stream straight porn which are produced for for straight men always contains lesbian scenes for the pleasure of men.
Anyway liked your blog a lot.
I am also running a blog for gay men and gay rights.It is http://forbiddendtree.blogspot.com/
I was wondering where are our female counterparts in Sri Lanka.
finally found that.

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