Why do women want to be like men?

5 03 2010

As women’s day approaches I wanted to write and reflect a little bit on what it means to me. Sometimes I talk to friends and colleagues (who are not necessarily feminists) and they ask me questions like “Why would we want men and women to be equal?” or “Why do women want to be like men?”

Actually, I don’t want to be like any man I know. I don’t want men and women to be exactly the same either. It is our differences that make us interesting as individuals. What I do believe however, is that men and women should be given the same opportunities to be the best they can be; so for example, if there is money enough to send either me or my brother for higher studies, I want to be given the opportunity to qualify too. If there is fish for lunch, as a daughter I should be given the same share as my brother. If my father owns a piece of land, I want equal share in it with my brother. I believe in equality.

National decisions that affect us all are made by members of a parliament. They decide if I should pay an additional 3% as Nation Building Tax when buying clothes for my kids; they decide if we should start another university in Sri Lanka; they decide if young adults should be taught about sex in schools; they decide which laws should stay and which should go and they decide if I am a criminal because I love another woman.

The national parliament has 225 seats. I want women and men to have an equal number of seats and an equal voice.

I somehow know my mother understands me much better than my father; her voice is stronger even though it may not be louder. I want to hear her – and women like her, as strong voices in parliament. I want a woman who knows and understands me to speak about the issues that affect me. I don’t believe a man can do justice to this.

There are 960 million illiterate adults in the world. 640 million are female. Why?

There are 130 million children not enrolled in primary school. 90 million are girls. Why?

Parliamentary seats worldwide: only 11% occupied by women.

In Sri Lanka it is 3%! Why?

Total land in the world: only 10% owned by women. Why?

This is what I question and this is what I believe needs to change. For me this is what Women’s Day is about – its about questioning and changing and equity.

International Women’s Day is on March 8th.




6 responses

7 03 2010

i don’t want to be like a man or like a woman as society defines either of those things. i just wanna be me.

8 03 2010

I don’t want to be like a man either. I hope I never become like a ‘man’ in the way men are now! I want rights and opportunities for everyone. And I love being a woman.

8 03 2010

happy women’s day ladies. long live feminism!

20 08 2014

Women wear pants, neck ties, men’s suits, tuxedos, so called “Boy Shorts”, men’s boxers, briefs. Department stores: Children’s Dept., Women’s Dept., Men’s Dept. – is changing to “Unisex” Dept. They tried smoking cigars. They take men’s names: Robert (Roberta), Ed (Edna), Alex (Alexa) ,Daniel (Danielle), Sydney, Billy, Bobby, Joe, Michael (Michaela): they’re even working on Michael as a girl’s name. Dressing like men – men’s clothes are Rags: a woman wears a man’s crisp white dress shirt to Paint, do yard work, clean out the garage, because they know that shirt will be ruined. Original axiom: Boys have short hair – girls have long hair. Males accepted that; women said “No Way. Males have to all look alike ” but not us women! We can do anything we want. We’re going to have short or long hair, even started shaving their heads. I understand the Suffragette movement and agree. But this is out of control. No way would I date a woman named Michael wearing a tuxedo, male underwear, smoking a cigar, etc. What’s next? Testosterone therapy to grow facial hair; get a deeper voice? Looks like no more Feminism in the future. If this were still the time of Charles Darwin, he’d be writing about it. Women want to be men – I’m disgusted!

31 03 2015

No women didn’t say no way bitch, men control women because they are superior both intellectually emotionally physically and mentally. Men are superior and tell women they have to wear makeup and get boob jobs to please men. Men are unique, men told women they all have to look alike hot and sexy which they try to do to by wearing makeup to please men. MEN> women. Women want to be their superiors men.

16 08 2015
Mike dale

You want equality sure, if it benefits YOU. However , the heavy lifting I’m sure you would much rather have your brother do. Similarly , if you are sent for education I think journalism, the arts, finger painting , somthing “FUN” and easy. Leave the physics and engineering to the boys , even if you elbow your way in his place . I bet I don’t see you clammoring for a job in a COAL MINE.
Title nine has taken many authentic spots from men, as they beg women to go out for toe dancing. We have an epidemic of men living in their parents basements and not going to school or working, and it will ruin our country. Housong is already impossibly hi because men and dropped out and women will not take their place . Men build suspension bridges. Women arrange flowers

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