Three of us cooking…

…is when we try not to fall over each other as we combine efforts to create funky stuff.

Then we brew these ideas together and pour them out on our blog.

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19 07 2010
jiva parthipan

Been reading your blog.intresting and inspiring about stuff in Sri Lanka. I am a gay Sri lankan Tamil and now living in Australia.
I see you have listed quite a few other Sri Lankan and other wise Lesbian writers, activists, artists( Like D’Loco kid)
not sure if you have come accross these two other Sri Lankan heritage lesbian writers. Thought you might be interested
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, google up. she has written a poetry selection to include lesbian themes
Sharanya Manivannan -Sri Lankan Tamil living in Chennai. I know she read LGBT poems at the Chennai Priide week. so assume she is lesbian!

whilst a lot of work has been done to unearth historical( sculpture, art, writing in Tamil, HIndi and other Indian Languages) material on lebians, gays, trans etc in India I havent seen any work on similar stuff in Sri Lanka. Do you know of any? I think you guys should redress this imbalance. I see you admit your limitations in an article, as urban English speaking lesbians inability to tap into much of Sri Lankans of varying classes and social demographics
But nevertheless it is important work you are doing.

Hope my comments are not patronising
jiva parthipan
PS_ I am an artist myself and have made seversl works exploring gay Tamil asian identies.Recently I also made performance work exploring my days as a male sex worker. here is a link

18 07 2011

Hey Your Blog is very Interesting. I would like to write my story here as it would be a help to many women who has faced the similar circumstances.

I am a woman 30 who got married to a gay man. I did not know his sexuality before i got married. He was a young, smart doctor, came as a reply to a newspaper proposal. His parents knew about his sexuality but did not revealed to us. Anyhow my parents took a grand wedding and we got married. My story begins from there!

If any of ull have similar experiences please write to me

Many Thanks

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