So you think you know what being a mistress is like

26 10 2009

So you think you know what being a mistress is like. It’s a high, going around with someone else’s woman, isn’t it? Imagine the excitement. The secret trysts. The triumph of knowing that you have what the other person doesn’t. The power to draw your woman – who is not really your woman – away from the legitimacy of the other relationship. The sexiness of keeping her interested in you though she’s supposed to be settled. The knowledge that if you want to, you can go off with someone else, and she can’t do anything about it, because she didn’t choose you.

So you really think you know what it’s like to be a mistress. Let me tell you then. Let me tell you about the leftover time you wait for. Let me tell you how you spend the whole day for that call to come, and sometimes it doesn’t. How you arrange your day with ifs to make it free for her when she can give you the five minutes in between. Or maybe, I can tell you about the other times, the times you have to stay away because you don’t want to see her with someone else. Or the pain it takes not to ask for more, because you have no right. Let me tell you about the pain of watching her walk away. And the pain of not being there for her.

And now you can tell me what being a mistress is like.