The 7 questions you always wanted to ask lesbians*

24 09 2009
  1. How did you become lesbian? The same way you became straight.
  2. How do you find girlfriends? I use pheromones
  3. What do you do in bed? Please read the graphic description provided here.
  4. How do you have sex with a woman? How do you have sex with a woman or man or whoever it is you do it with?
  5. Did your parents fighting make you lesbian? I wish. I would be assured of most women around me turning lesbian!
  6. Are you a man hater? Yes, but I would like to state here that I love my father, brother, male cousin, two gay friends, my ex-boss, my guru the English professor and the boyfriends of my three best friends.
  7. Who is the man in your relationship? If I wanted a man, why the fuck would I be lesbian?

*For further information on lesbians please read a book or surf the net.