The art of letting go

10 10 2010

I have never known the art of letting go. The art of losing, yes. But not of letting go, of people and spaces that I have greatly loved.

It is hard to know if this is the moment to let go of someone or some space, walk away from things you believe in, things you like to do, the spaces you embraced. It is difficult for me to judge if I should let go right now or if I should stay till tomorrow. How do I know if my staying in that space will make things better and if I will regret walking away? Am I not letting go because I truly see the worth of being in that space or because of my fears and needs? Or because I want to stay addicted to the love and the laughter, the adrenaline and the driving energy?

And so, it has always been hard for me to see that moment when you have to let go and walk away. If I were Lyra’s Will I might not have seen that little patch of air which is the entrance to another world. But sometimes, suddenly there is a moment when I feel detached, when I can step away from it all, see the snag in the air and slip in.



4 responses

10 10 2010

Beautifully written. Love this post.

10 10 2010

I always let go too soon and had to learn the hard way not to.

11 10 2010

Part of living your life is, making your own decisions and living with the consequences. Whether you decide it now or later, you will have to do it somehow… someday… sooner the better. Someone told me the same few years back 🙂

12 10 2010

I find it hard to let go…especially if i have invested a fair amount of time and energy into a relationship/place. A friend once told me that a relationship is like a song. it has its own music – its own lyrics, beat, rythym, notes, and whatever else beautiful songs have. If you want to hang on to that lovely song, you need to change the music. It can still be a beautiful song, but many of the elements of the song need to change as well. and maybe it wont be your favourite song anymore, but it can still be one of your favourites!?
I dont know, but this makes sense to me somehow….

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