National radio. WTF?

31 07 2010

A man gets into bed and taps his wife on the shoulder incessantly, wanting sex. His wife says no, she has to see the gynecologist the next morning and would like to be fresh and clean for the appointment. The man turns over grumpily but a while later is back tapping her shoulder again.

But you’re not going for your dental checkup tomorrow morning are you? he says.

End of joke. Ha ha ha.

Anyone would imagine that I overheard this joke at the rugby club or walking past one of those groups of balding, middle aged men holding onto their black label and chuckling at some Colombo party. But I didn’t. I heard that joke on national radio.

This is not the first time or the most obnoxious thing I’ve heard on the radio either, by far. And it’s not a characteristic of any one station. I hear the same insensitive, ignorant, racist patronising bullshit every time I turn the radio on…morning, noon and night.

So as if it’s not hard enough dealing with the inane chatter and slapstick humor that seem to be all one gets these days on every station, now you may also tune in to your sexist joke of the day. It seems to be standard material on many local radio shows. If you’re lucky, you will also get to hear the dj doing really funny Indian voices with lots of loud shouting in exaggerated accents. Ha ha ha.

What the fuck?



4 responses

2 08 2010

is this real radio by any chance? the guy who does their evening drive time show is really obnoxious. or it could be the one on gold fm. not sure. can’t change channels also, because the ‘rents listen to the channels.

come to think of it, most radio jockeys are obnoxious and annoying.

3 08 2010

these guys are so lame, they just read jokes off the internet. not a scrap of imagination; you could grow old waiting for some witty banter. I regularly cringe when listening to the things they say, it’s just so stupid. Granted, it’s not everyone who can be funny on live radio, but still..

5 08 2010

yes, they all seem universally square, conservative and uncomfortable with any idea beyond the straight and ordinary, male dominated norm. the women included.

4 08 2010

and yet they still insisting on censoring words off the song. Copy pasting off the internet is much easier than actually having a personality

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