Why I’m not a real lesbian.

17 07 2010

L Word irritated me and I can’t remember the bits I watched

I don’t keep track of lesbian singers and K.D.Lang’s music is just ok

Ellen de Generes is not always funny just because she’s a lesbian

Sometimes I would rather spend time with my straight friends than fellow lizzies

I never had a crush on my female teachers and classmates

I don’t think all girl on girl action in movies is hot

I don’t recommend stupid movies just because there is a lesbian in it

I won’t like you just because you are another lesbian

I like wearing my nails long



3 responses

17 07 2010

L word is a bunch of crap
Kd had a few good songs. Chris pureka is good to look at. People called melissa should just shush.
Ellen makes me laugh in her standup comedy, I can mostly do without the talkshow
Straight friends are just as good as any other kind
I had crushes on teachers and a few classmates
Girl on girl action in films is usually fake crap
I never recommend ‘bound’ either
You don’t have to like me, sure, but we still belong to the same tribe
My nails are short


20 07 2010

Ha, you just gave me another name – Chris Pureka! And yes, we do belong to the same tribe ;D

20 07 2010

Alix olson? 🙂

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