Pass me your panties!

31 05 2010

Do you sometimes wear your partner’s clothes?

My partner and I are kind of the same size and there have been times when I have stolen a shirt or kurta of hers to wear to work. However as I don’t fit into her pants or jeans we don’t wear each others pants. Her feet too, are bigger than mine so we can’t share shoes. (Even if we could, I am not sure I like her taste in footwear!) She owns just three pairs of shoes while I have – maybe fifteen!

What is it about some couples, that they kind of merge into one? I know one other couple who shared clothes, including underwear. Is this common? I would get mad if my girlfriend wore my underwear. There are just some things I don’t like sharing. There are also some places I like to keep personal, like the toilet for example. I don’t want her walking in on me when I am doing my business. I think it’s good to keep some things personal. My aunt never looked into her husband’s wallet for example, even though they had been married for 30 years.

Some couples answer each other’s mobiles regularly, some won’t go places (especially to parties) without the other. I am not sure how healthy this is. Sometimes space can be a good thing, and sometimes hanging on to your individuality is the wisest thing to do when all else breaks down!



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31 05 2010

Sharing underwear?? GROSS. I agree, personal space is very important. Sometimes I tend to forget that in a relationship :/

5 06 2010

i think this is common no? sometimes in the flush of a new romance you want to do everything together, or sometimes because at some point you get to know each other’s friends, you tend to socialise with the same people. So many things to keep in mind!!

1 06 2010

sharing underwear is a bit much no? think it’s important to have your own things to do even if you’re in a relationship, because otherwise it builds a toxic kind of dependence. that said, its also hard not to pick up things from someone you spend a lot of time with, not necessarily a romantic partner. i find myself picking up phrases from my friends all the time 🙂

1 06 2010

Gotta agree, personal space is a must. You can’t have such converging tastes and likes that you would like everything that your partner does, so what’s the point of suffering something you don’t like when you could just let your partner go do what they want to do while you go do what you want to do.

5 06 2010

I’ve been wondering if people would be more shocked at panties-sharing than at boxer short sharing. Do you think there is more of an intimacy issue over panties that is socially constructed? I know a couple who wash each other’s underwear – “if you can come into contact with each other’s body fluids, what’s wrong with washing underwear?”

7 06 2010

Similar to my girlfriends, sisters and mother, I prefer to wash my panties each time before I put them on. I therefore see no problem in sharing anyone’s panties (stains and all). Are you people wearing unwashed/dirty knickers?!

7 06 2010

HAHAha tortilla! Large families with scarce resources learn to share early! good on you!

20 06 2010

Hetero or homo what’s the dif?
It’s sexy when your partner puts on your stuff…panties bra or shirt.
Don’t think so hard
Personal space is important clothes are not.

21 06 2010

Ya, there is something imtimately sexy about wearing each others clothes…i think clothes are very important. sometimes when i wear a skirt, i feel more vulnerable than in my jeans. In jeans i feel tough! btw what is JMHO?

21 06 2010

JMHO? Just My Humble Opinion.

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