Three things I love

21 02 2010


1. Sri Lankan food.

My idea of a greedy food experience would be on these lines:

(Yellow, red or white) rice.
Dhal with coriander leaves.

Beetroot curry.
Salmon curry.

Potato curry.
Gotukola sambol.

Brinjal pahi.
(MD) Mango chutney.

A fried egg and butter chillies on the side.


2. The sun (but only in Sri Lanka.)

Sri Lanka’s sun is surely one of the loveliest natural characteristics we have to offer. I’ve never experienced sunlight quite like ours anywhere else I have been – its always too blinding or too weak. Ours is really hot, yet mellow enough to lie in, especially if you’ve just been in water. I also love the colours of the sun in Sri Lanka…our sunrises and sunsets are always spectacular.

3. Sex.

Maximum pleasure for the maximum time. (Being in love helps).


1. The sea/beach

I love the sea, and especially the Indian Ocean. I can spend hours just watching out into it and listening to the waves come into shore. I also love swimming in it too, especially without clothes on (some days it’s like a warm bath.) Sadly though this is not always possible!

2. My girlfriend

She may not be perfect, but she’s perfect for me. I thank god – who is definitely female – and my lucky stars for each day together.

3. Thriller movies

Especially those with some action and suspense. I don’t like horror movies even though some suspense thrillers border on horror. Thrillers absorb me completely while I escape into another world, biting my nails and staring at the TV!


I realize they are all things to be consumed, so let it be known that I love looking at the sea as well!

1. Books

I don’t just love reading books. I love looking at them, touching them with my fingertips, and the ultimate – owning them. All of them. My mouth waters when I see books of many colours, textures and prints.

2. Sex

Something to be explored with the person I love. And ‘explore’ I think is the key word. But sex without sensuality has something missing as far as I am concerned.

3. Rhythm

Music and dance. They do things to me. Beautiful music, from the Carmina Burana to Lady Ga Ga sends shivers down my spine, and dances from anywhere in the world can make me feel the rhythm. I can fully understand why music and dance are part of mystical and religious ritual.



3 responses

21 02 2010

1. my girlfriend
2. my dog
3. art in all its shapes and forms

21 02 2010

Number 1, why do you give us descriptive details about the kind of food and sunlight you love, but nothing about the kind of sex you love? Why not give language to sex? Otherwise your love of it is very unconvincing! Do you really love it that much? Number 3 is a bit obtuse on the subject too. We can talk in details about books, food and music, but not sex. I suppose it’s a thin line between a lesbian blog site and a pornographic one. But where is the divide?

23 02 2010

i agree with u on books & the beach.

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