Two things I hate

5 02 2010

Papaya: supposedly the most nutritious fruit ever known to Sri Lankan kind: totally repellent to me and my worst nightmare – and one I share with my sister.

Once we went to a beauty salon and were lying side by side while having a facial. We were totally relaxed with our eyes shut when the time came for the face mask. Guess what came out? A papaya mask! We both leapt up, ran to the washroom and nearly threw up together.

And geckos: I hate them so much I find it difficult to think about it long enough to write a few lines about them. Also a nightmare but more from a sense of fear than of repulsion. Once I walked through a doorway, closed the door behind me and a gecko fell on me. And it was just the upper part of its body. The bottom half lay on the floor in front of me, writhing.

(Story ends here because our writer couldn’t bear to finish it!)

Two things I hate

This was not easy for me….i guess I don’t have too many pet hatreds! But I did realize I dislike clutter and dirt in my environment. And this is not just at home. Even when I’m out in some parts of the city sometimes I find myself wishing I could clean up all the drooping telephone wires, broken pavements, overflowing drains, torn posters, hideous billboards and crumbling buildings and redesign the spaces to be cleaner and greener. I’m sure it will happen soon though.

Something else I do not like is what I can only call decoration. This includes china dolls, china animals, dwarves, nodding puppets, soft toys in the rear windscreens of cars, shiny dangling items in the front windscreen of cars, spoilers, brassware, flying ducks on the wall, macramé, pottery, carved furniture….

Thank goodness garden gnomes haven’t really made it big here yet.

Two things I hate

Inane programmes on tv. I. hate. them. Chief among these are the tele-dramas which include a parade of women in beautiful saris with immaculate make-up (even when they come out of a dirty kitchen) and start fighting with their mother-in-law, brother, brother’s wife and newly discovered half-sister. A close second is the generic VJ in the music programme with the fake accent and flapping hand motions. AAAArrrrgh.

Public bodily motions. Can people not walk the roads without spitting, coughing up phlegm, blowing their nose, picking their noses and peeing in public – trying to make sure that as many people see them as possible? Not to mention the S.A.M. adjusting his thingies and scratching away at them in full sight of everyone.

Phew. This was actually a very difficult exercise for me. I thought long about which two I want to pick out from my vast universe of pet hates. What makes me virulent? What irritates me? And now I’ve picked two that have just floated to the top of my mind. These are, of course, in addition to my intense hatred of S.A.M.s.



4 responses

7 02 2010

How about balls scratching? seems like men have a free license to scratch their balls anywhere and everywhere they like. Its not like girls dont itch down there you know! we have been socialised at a young age to scratch in private i suppose!

12 02 2010

the second aappaya (for lack of a better description) sounds eerily like an aunt of mine. as much as i hate to say it, that’s ain’t no compliment either 🙂

12 02 2010

I suppose you could call her Vatura!
Vatura -Does disliking clutter entail smoothing bedsheets down every time someone sits on the bed and tidying up other people’s bedrooms? ;-D

12 02 2010

yes yes i admit I am slightly ocd its true. but was rather distressed being compared to someone’s aunt which did not sound cool at all 🙂

and no, i NEVER meddle with other people’s lives, however untidy they may be. My own is another matter. 🙂

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