The need to pee

7 12 2009

Sometimes, when I need to pee badly and have no access to a toilet, I find myself wishing I was a man. It’s the only moment in my life that I really and truly wish I was a man and could piss while standing up. However, having said that, I must admit that whenever I see a man standing by the road with his arse half bare, pissing onto the stump of a tree or someone’s white wall or the foot of the road sign, I’m tempted to shout “Chee, chee!” (and I have often done this, to the dismay of my friends.)

But seriously, why do so many men piss on the roads as if they were in a public toilet? There are some corners of this city where the smell of human urine is so overpowering one can hardly keep from gagging. Yet, it is a perfectly accepted activity with no shame or penalty attached to it. So how can we get men to stop pissing on the road in public view as if the city was one big public lavatory?

I grant the fact that the rarity of public toilets in this country is the major factor in this problem, but is that good enough reason to expose oneself to every passerby? Surely women need to piss as often as men? But can you imagine the uproar if one of us decided to squat on the roadside and piss?

So what’s the difference? Apart from the fact that it is one of those gross things that men just like to do (along with gaping, belching, farting and scratching their balls in public), it is also because men are free to please themselves in this as in so much else, whereas women must be constantly responsible, well-behaved and submissive to every rule and tradition – social, political, personal. However idiotic, irrational, cruel or unjust, we must toe the line. The rules and regulations, such as they are, are all designed to privilege the male over female in all things great or small.

Now this is not an argument for women to win the freedom to piss in public. We wouldn’t be using that particular freedom even if we were encouraged to. But it is just one more example of the numerous ways in which South Asian Men are privileged over women, with no sense of responsibility or accountability for virtually anything they do.



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10 12 2009

When I was reading the piece many public places which are severely affected by this South Asian Males’ selfish behaviour i.e. 1. all the over head bridges in the city limits 2. bus terminus 3. super market complexes in the suburbs 4. pavements around government hospitals etc. I really do not know whether they have any inclination about how much inconvenience they are causing to the larger public who frequent these locations.

Another incident comes to mind ; Since January this year three days a week early in the morning when I am working out in the gym I see across the road a male, a cart pusher selling brushes and brooms – bringing his cart to the road, arranging the brushes in the cart, dusting the cart and even conversing with the neihbours and the passer by. Everyday he ends this activity by peeing on to the lamp post by the road before taking the cart away. My guess is that this man is not from that area although he keeps his cart there. He comes every day to retrieve it and as an ‘act of gratitude’ to those who live around and who have let him keep the cart there, he urinates to the lamp post. Or may be he is marking his territory by peeing where he keeps his belongings.. so every time I see him doing the ‘deed’ I feel like hooting at him through the window. 🙂

10 12 2009

lol! great one buwa. Someone suggested putting a picture of a deity/some god picture – on the wall or lamp post..this will stop the pissing – but it may cause him to move to another location and do the SAME THING!

16 12 2009

“why do so many men piss on the roads as if they were in a public toilet?”

Why dogs lick their balls?

Because they can 😀

16 12 2009

ah! men and dogs! good comparison chanux!

16 12 2009

I don’t know if you took it as a _comparison_ intentionally. But I wanted to emphasize on the _reason_. Not that I say peeing on side ways is ‘a good habit’ or even ‘not a bad habit’. I think even a woman would do that if it comes to a level she can’t bear anymore. The case with men is they can do it relatively easily that they tend to do it before things turn a bit difficult. It’s not a good habit and also not a crime.

Hope I’m clear now, If I wasn’t earlier. 🙂

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