Does NO mean no?

4 12 2009

street drama on sexual harrassment

On a rainy afternoon on Wednesday I had the pleasure of witnessing a street drama outside the Fort Railway station. The focus was on the prevention of sexual harassment on public transport. Some very energetic and young performers enacted a scene in which a woman was in the railway station waiting to board the train. A guy comes next to her and pinches her. She is shocked and goes to another guy and tells him what just happened. This second guy listens to her and pretends to protect her at first but later he too tries his luck with her, making sexual advances! Why are women harassed on the buses and trains? What can be done about it?



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7 12 2009

The answer to your question is ‘not exactly’ in Sri Lanka when it comes to Sri Lankan male. It is the mother of the Sri Lankan male who inculcate this in him from his childhood.

Therefore, it does not need to be in the public transport only that the Sri Lankan male think that it is their right to harass women – any women at that. I have heard many stories where foreign women also have been harassed by Sri Lankan males who come in the guise of computer technician, tour guide etc.

7 12 2009

A good whack, thwack or stamp by the woman every time it happens is I think the way to go ;-/ Recently I was at a workshop where there were very young men – early 20s- and I commented that I didn’t see men stepping into support women who protest such public harassment, and a few of them said they have stood up to protest at such events. So I guess this is something that is positive. But the women really have to be able to raise their hands when it happens!

8 12 2009

making a loud noise when it happens also works beautifully…the whole thing works so much on shame and silence that yelling destroys the balance. violence is a lovely option though 🙂

2 10 2010

Heel to the foot. Palm to the face. Knee to the balls.

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