What does ‘naked’ make you feel?

25 11 2009

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11 responses

26 11 2009

Ok. since no one else wants to comment, I am going to be honest and say that I love being naked, and it makes me feel free and silky and sensual.

26 11 2009


26 11 2009

naked makes me feel exposed! naked with my significant other makes me feel intimate!

26 11 2009

Real. Who invented clothes and modesty?

27 11 2009

on these days, cold 😀

27 11 2009

mmmm… comfortable

30 11 2009

Being naked for me is more connected to being unrestrained, free and light hearted in my mind. So I can attain the feelings Vak describes if I want to, even when I am fully clothed. 🙂

30 11 2009

But that is not exactly the same sort of free and unrestrained that you have WITHOUT clothes! That is a free ans unrestrained WITH clothes on no!

30 11 2009

Vulnerable. It’s probably cos I’m fat though!

30 11 2009

naa, most people think they are fatter than they really are…besides thank god we are all different sizes!

8 12 2009

beautiful – whatever my body may look like, even on bloated fat days, i FEEL more beautiful the instant i shed all my clothes.

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