…and then he kissed me

24 11 2009

It was my birthday recently and my girl friend took me out to a fancy restaurant in Colombo to celebrate.

After the meal, just as I was feeling blissful and loved, I heard the familiar ‘Happy Birthday’ tune and knew something was up. A few seconds later, out came three waiters bearing a cake with sparklers on top, followed by several other individuals including the chef, all with big smiles on their faces.

All eyes were on me. The cake was placed in front of me and I blushed with delight as they all sang Happy Birthday to me; my girlfriend beamed.

And then a very strange thing happened – the waiter who had brought in the cake with the sparklers came over to me and wished me a happy birthday and – KISSED me on both cheeks! I was totally shocked! Taken fully by surprise I wondered, is this usual?

I was so bewildered that I didn’t do anything or say anything at that moment…..but just felt totally out of place! Is it the done thing for waiters to kiss the guests at restaurants on their birthdays? I knew it was a foreign owned and managed restaurant  but still – is it normal practice anywhere, for waiters to kiss the guests on their birthdays? Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I remember coming home and laughing about it, but even now when I remember the incident, all I can recall is my total shock and how the sweaty waiter smelled of perspiration… eek! Totally repulsive!

I suppose a sort of instinctive sense of etiquette took over at the moment it happened, not to mention total surprise. Maybe I should have said something reproving to him or even to the manager …but I was just plain dumbstruck. Unfortunately.




One response

24 11 2009

outch! poor U 😛

This is the first time I heard, waiters kissing the customers!

Wel, it might have been OK, if it was a hot waitress .. LOL…

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