My little green snake

12 11 2009

This is the time that my little green snake

That wriggly little thing

Comes wriggling into my head

Sinuous and green

She will make sure that my heart will break

Squeezing it tight

And tight and tighter

And I’ll spend the next month in my bed.

Lovers will come and lovers will go

Sniff, sniff

My little green snake is so true

Smell, smell

She stays with me, plays with me

Twists around me

Night-time she lays with me

Turns in me

After I’ve stopped missing you.

Whips around me

You who was once so true,

With the fruit

succulent and dew

Now just the thought of you makes me blue,

Spit out the pips

Crunch on the memories

But I have been and I have seen,

Forked tongue flickering,

tell me what is coming

And I choose now to stay with green.

Black eyes staring,

silky scales flowing,

A snake.

Twisting me around you

What does that me make?



3 responses

13 11 2009

interesting ….

20 11 2009

I suppose the green-snake feelings are so irrational that we don’t sometimes know why they come up 😉 At least with other feelings like sadness and happiness there are clear reasons that we can give, whereas with this, what reasons can you give sometimes??

20 11 2009

yes, yes it is always irrational. conquer the green snake and you are in power! 🙂

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