Sleeping Beauty

7 10 2009

she lies still. eyes half closed, she lies still in a place pitch black. she lies still with the pitch black of nothingness around her. in it is held all the breath in the universe. in the center of this place of the pitch black of nothingness is a single pulsating starlight. unbearable to look at directly, always visible from the corner of a half-closed eye. her shadow, this light is. it follows her. she turns and it is behind her. she turns again, half turns and it is still near her. she stays still, looking sideways out of half-closed eyes. clearly now, in the pitch deep of nothingness, she can see this thing, her heart, a mosaic of little pieces glued together. she turns fully to face the light, the air whirling around her, the black settling down. and she knows.

her heart gets ready to break into a million pieces of glass.



One response

15 10 2009

She sounds like a sucker for love.

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