Measures my hair a full five feet…

5 10 2009

We came across this piece on hair on the Indian feminist site Ultraviolet and thought it very interesting.

I love my hair. It is a source of endless vanity. In this article, it says “Tangled hair also suggests erotic beauty and implies the intimacy of men and women in bed”, whereas for me, it reminds me of the women who loved, touched and looked lovingly at my hair.

But, slowly, the idea of shaving my full head of curly hair has been growing. It has come upon me sinuously. Until it has got hold of me so silkily strong that when I think of myself shaven it makes me imagine my life free of worldly cares, all the bonds of mundane life shorn. Free.

So go head, read it, and then let’s talk.




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6 10 2009

But are you cutting it just ‘because’? Because human history has used long hair as a symbol for dependent women or some such symbol or do you just want to cut it because it will be easier to manage and you look good in it? Or possibly just for the hell of it. I don’t know about symbols, but whether you have long hair or not should depend on how you look with it on top I guess. We’re all vain human being after all.

P.S. – I envy people who have enough hair to cut
P.S.S. – Why is there a smiley at the bottom of your page?

6 10 2009
St. Fallen

that’s the WordPress smiley, used to check if everything’s in order 😛

6 10 2009

Actually googled it to find out what it was earlier 😀 It’s the stats system, indicating whether you’re being tracked or not. Heh, nice touch 😀

6 10 2009

John, actually that is a good question because I guess women must have different reasons for shaving their head. I actually do think – vainly – that I would look better with my hair on! But I also have an urge to just do something drastic and when I imagine myself without hair I get all those feelings I described in the post — hope that makes sense!
I’ve also noticed that sometimes people change hairstyles when they have gone through a particularly emotional event in their lives.

6 10 2009
pol sambol

Hair – oh what a wonderful subject! the most fascinating thing about hair styles on your head is that what looks good to you may not look good to your mother. So i say, shave your head if you feel it liberates you – if you dont like it, not to worry as it will grow back – thats the other wonderful thing about hair…. unless you are going bald….

6 10 2009

one of my cousins also wanted to shave her head once. her mother, when informed of the plan said, “you do whatever you want after your sister is married. otherwise no one will want to marry her thinking she has a crazy sister”. i still crack up when i remember it.

6 10 2009

DONT CUT IT! long hair is the sex. 😀

6 10 2009

i have to guiltily admit that i am a sucker for long hair…
but on the other hand – personal statements and freedom above all.
so…shave it! your life will not be the same!

7 10 2009

The best thing about hair is that it can be changed so often, for convenience and per mood. But isnt cutting it to defy a stereotype still affirming that stereotype?

I’ve always thought, if you wanna cut it, just cut it!

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