The Vulva University

4 10 2009


I just came across a very interesting web link to the Vulva University! Can you believe that there is an online university for women on learning about sex through the eyes of women? I am pleasantly surprised!

Complete with online instructors, the university allows you to learn all there is to know on having safe, pleasurable and empowering sex – written and taught by women for women. The website is complete with a section on masturbation and one on lesbian sex. I was happiest to see the bit on sex for moms, as most people think that once you have had a baby you can’t possibly be interested in sex!

Another hit feature of the Vulva University was the Fair Trade Vulva Puppets – they are described as a tool to cast off the shame and disrespect of women’s sexuality: “a wondrous vulva puppet educates and empowers our youth, by providing a space for open, heart-felt discussion and learning. It’s particularly useful for blossoming girls to have as a symbol of self respect and empowerment.”

Three cheers to the wonderful yoni!



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