The good wife’s guide

1 10 2009

We’re taking votes on which is the most loving of these suggestions.
Guess which one will be the most popular and win yourself a ribbon to put in your hair!



7 responses

2 10 2009

Gosh, from where did you unearth this? All I know is if I show this to my wife, I’m gonna get a good beating. The good wife she is. He he.. 😀

2 10 2009
who else but me

wow, i knew women were domesticated back then. read plenty of theoretical pieces on it but this just really hits you! the article itself is so blatantly patronizing!

3 10 2009

I think what is interesting for me (and terribly irritating) is that it is still the same! Ok, it’s not put in those words, and may be not so blatantly, but, what’s the difference between ‘touch-up your make up, put a ribbon in your hair’ from ‘take care of how you look’ in this article ‘How to keep stealing your husband’s heart‘ ? And there are millions out there like this right now. Arrrrghhh!??!!

3 10 2009

i agree. we could easily re-write this slightly and it would fit our current situation. things havent changed that much. – vatura

3 10 2009
rice pudding

i am a very good wife judging by this poster,especially the line that says “be a little gay” !!!

8 10 2009

I have come accross this many times before. Wen I showed it to my mom about 10 years ago, while considering marriage, she told me, “now interchange the words husband and wife, and you will have a fantastic life”. We howled at it cause its really funny that way. No things have not changed much at all.

15 10 2009

Haah ha ha! This is a true classic.
😀 😀

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